This is the ongoing story of Jules, in her quest to distance herself from her lifelong passenger, Ana, who she has grown apart from but is still having a bad influence on her life. Listen to her talk about the every day trials that she goes through as she attempts to live a happy, healthy life.

I have, and still am struggling with the disorder anorexia nervosa and am writing this to both help with my recovery and hopefully to help other people who might be where I was and need help. Ana can come into your life in many ways and seem like your best friend. It can help you cope with other problems until it becomes the biggest problem you can face. Even if no one reads this I think it helps me to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve been through and where I am today.

This is my place to remember the highs and the lows, the people who supported me and never stopped, even though I couldn’t see it and the people I hurt, even though I wish I hadn’t.

I’m currently living a healthy life of recovery and am so blessed and happy to be where I am today. I am still a bit shy though so I haven’t added any pictures to the site. In the future I might, when I feel more comfortable with everything that has happened.

Thanks for stopping by here. If you want to share just leave me a message :)


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